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I had the Micro ETS surgery after years of trying to hide and deal with my excessive hand and underarm sweating. I was embarassed to shake hands with anyone to hold hands to high five or to touch anyone. Now I'm engaged to an amazing guy a college graduate in Nursing and I could not be happier. This surgery changed my life in every way possible. I can't even imagine where I would be without it and I barely even remember that shy scared introverted girl that I was before the surgery. Thank You.

Jennifer P, Lancaster, NY, Dec 16th 2011

I recently had the Suction Curettage procedure done by Dr Karamanoukian. I have not sweat since having the procedure done 1 week ago today I am still in disbelief Finally something has worked I can't say enough good about Dr K and his wonderful staff. Thanks to you all for changing my life

Kelly M, Jamestown, NY, Feb 21st 2011

I had underarm sweating so bad that it humiliated me in the workplace. I had an office suction procedure and it changed my life overnight. Thank you a million times over.

Tara G, Buffalo, NY, Oct 1st 2010

I was approved to have sympathectomy in Rochester but the doctor has only done a dozen procedures. I was amazed to see that there was a doctor in this area who has done many and I had the procedure. It was very successful and I have dry hands and feet. Very minimal compensatory sweating and I can live with that. It is much better than having driing sweat from my hands. Dr Karamanoukian is great.

Debbie F, Rochester, NY, Sep 23rd 2010

My son had micro ETS and very happy with the overall evaluation and treatment by Dr Karamanoukian. His excessive sweating has diminished and he has dry hands dry underarms and dry feet. His life has changed to the better. Debbie the secretary was very helpful and spent hours getting insurance approval.

Mary S, Gowanda, NY, Sep 13th 2010

I had Botox for hyperhidrosis on my forehead and hairline by Dr Karamanoukian and it worked very nicely. Best of all it was covered by my insurance. Small needle sticks are tolerable and well worth the dry results.

Susan N, Elma, NY, Sep 11th 2010

I had Botox for sweating from my scalp and it worked very well. Covered by my insurance and well worth it. No more hyperhidrosis.

Harriet D, Cheektowaga, NY, Sep 7th 2010

Had the micro ETS STITCH procedure 6 years ago and still very hapy with it. No CS

Henry W, Williamsville, NY, Sep 6th 2010

I flew into the Buffalo area and had the suction curettage procedure by Dr Karamanoukian for underarm sweating. I have spent nearly 5 thousand dollars on Botox until I had the suction curettage procedure which got rid of the problem. His fees are half as much as it costs to have this procedure in New York. I recommend him highly. I was back to work the next day.

Robin A, New York City, NY, Sep 5th 2010

I came to see Dr Karamanoukian for excessive sweating and he diagnosed a lymph node condition that was causing my problem. I have since been confirmed to have sarcoidosis and Dr Karamanoukian set me on a course to have it treated. If it was not diagnosed I would have probably developed a severe lung problem and it would have been too late to get it treated. I truly appreciate his wonderful bedside manner and his expertise. I had been complaining about this sweating problem to my primary care doctor for years and he told me it was 'normal'. Clearly it wasn't. I recommend that you see Dr Karamanoukian as soon as possible if you have excessive sweating. He is very thorough and gets a very complete history and does the examination himself without the use of assistants or nurses. Thank you dr K.

Dorothy K, Jamestown, NY, Sep 5th 2010

I have been evaluated and treated for hyperhidrosis by Dr Karamanoukian with retrograde suction curettage. My underarm hyperhidrosis is gone and I am very pleased. No more Drysol Hypercare MegaDry or Certain Dry. Thank you

Joanne F, Hamburg, NY, Sep 3rd 2010

I was evaluated at the Center for Excessive Sweating by Dr Karamanoukian and given many treatment options. I chose to have Botox for my underarms and I am very happy that they are dry. I can wear my light colored shirts without feeling embarassed. It is very nice to have a lot of options and I plan to return if I decide Botox is no longer helpful or convenient. Thank You for your expertise. The DVD was excellent.

Steven G, Batavia, NY, Aug 30th 2010

Great care at the Center for Excessive Sweating with phenomenal secreatarial help - Debbie is great and helped me get my authorization from Blue Cross for my procedure. Thanks Dr Karamanoukian for helping get rid of my hyperhidrosis problem.

Nancy M, Lockport, NY, Aug 28th 2010

I was evaluated in Rochester NY and had 2 Botox treatments before I saw Dr Karamanoukian at the recommendation of a friend. He tried conservative care with medication and when that failed to reduce the sweating in my underarms I opted to have the retrodermal suction curettage (RSC) procedure for underarm sweating. It worked great and I returned to work the next morning.

James D, Rochester, NY, Aug 27th 2010

I had the STITCH procedure 3 years ago and very happy with the dry hands and feet. I was visiting the website to see what's new in hyperhidrosis care and happy to see new procedures being done. I recommend Dr Karamanoukian for sympathectomy for excessive sweating.

C H, Amherst, NY, Aug 23rd 2010

I had seen a dermatologist and was told that I had to pay out of pocket for Botox for my sweating problem. I saw the doctor at the Center for Excessive Sweating in Williasville and he got it approved through my insurance company. I got the Botox and it helped my hyperhidrosis. Thank you and I am greatful. God Bless and God Speed.

Marguerite D, Buffalo, NY, Aug 16th 2010

I had treatments by differet specialists and physicians before I saw Dr Karamanoukian at the Center for Excessive Sweating. I felt that my treatments elsewhere were disjointed as all doctors did one type of therapy and not the other. Dr Karamanoukian does all the treatments and surgical procedures and when I was ready for the suction procedure he was able to do it for me. I was tired of running around town seeing one doctor for a topical creme another for my thyroid check another for Botox and so on. The Center for Excessive Sweating has it all and a reputable doctor who has been doing this for a long time. I recommend Dr Karamanoukian for hyerhidrosis care.

Leanne E, Orchard Park, NY, Aug 9th 2010

The Center for Excessive Sweating is the place to go for Botox treatment for hyperhidrosis. The staff is great and the secretaries did the work to get it authorized for payment by my insurance company.

Tyler D, Amherst, NY, Aug 3rd 2010

Dr Karamanoukian. I have tried Hypercare and together with Hyperhidrosis Fighter it has seemed to have resolved my excessive underarm sweating. Thank you for your expertise and frank discussion about all of my treatment options. For now I am in a happy place and not embarassed because I have good control over my hyperhidrosis problem.

Fred O, Lockport, NY, Jul 30th 2010

I was not interested in Botox or medication so I had the RSC procedure for my axillary hyperhidrosis. In the office for an hour and was driven home by my friend. There was little discomfort and I had a bruise in the armpits for a week. Very minimal discomfort and well worth it. I wish I had done this a long time ago. I recommend the retrodermal suction procedure for anyone with underarm sweating. Dr Karamanoukian is very friendly and has great bedside manners.

Gina V, Buffalo, NY, Jul 23rd 2010

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