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Thank you for answering my email regarding hyperhidrosis and for giving me a lengthy and very understandable explanation of the problem and the treatment options. It was well worth the consultation and after reading more about this condition I am glad that I came to see you for it. My dermatologist has been trying things for 2 years none of which worked and Botox lasted only 6 weeks and I had to pay for it dearly. I am ready to have the procedure. I wanted to let others know that I was very impressed with the care I have had at the Center for Excessive Sweating.

Jerome H, Orchard Park, NY, May 6th 2009

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at helped me with my hyperhidrosis. I had Botox twice in Santa Barbara and did not last more than 2 months. He did the axillary dermosuction procedure in the office and it has been 6 months and things are great. I don't sweat there and my underarms are dry. I love wearing my light color shirts when I teach and I am not ashamed to raise my hands any more. Best of all the procedure was less comfortable than the Botox procedures I had and it cost as much as two Botox treatments. Hurray for Dr. Raffy karamanoukian and I have told my doctor about him and all of my friends. He has great reviews on and that is where I found out about him. He is a 1 and a half hour drive from Santa Barbara and quite convenient for me to get to his office down Pacific Coast Highway ... For a red carpet treatment see this great doctor. He is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

jason d, Santa Barbara, CA, May 3rd 2009

Thank you for referring me to your colleague in California. He treated me for axillary hyperhidrosis. He did a great job. Painless Botox. Returned to work 30 minutes later. Very wonderful doctor. Price was very reasonable. Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is great.

Garo R, Alhambra, CA, May 2nd 2009

I had Botox injection at the Center for Excessive Sweating. Painless. Great staff. Impressed by the doctor and how well he explained the hyperhidrosis thing to me. All options. All treatments in details. Had a very positive experience. This place is not like a spa where you go for Botox injection by a family doctor. He knows what he is doing. I give him high marks as he is the BEST hyperhidrosis doctor in New York.

Linda E, Batavia, NY, Apr 25th 2009

I had the STITCH procedure and it was very successful. I am 3 years out. I want to thank Dr. karamanoukian. I just got engaged and feel very greatful.

Janet M, Boson, MA, Apr 24th 2009

I had Botox for my hyperhidrosis of the feet. Great care at the Center for Excessive Sweating. Very compassionate and caring phsician. Very very gentle and skilled in the Botox treatment. I had it done by a dermatologist and this was a better experience by far. I like the place because they specialize in hperhidrosis.

Gerard J, Cheektowaga, NY, Apr 23rd 2009

I had suction curettage by Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian for underarm sweating. It was in the office was easy to do and worked very well for me. It was well worth the money. This doctor is fabulous. - I heard very good things about him on

Leonard T, Alhambra, CA, Apr 22nd 2009

I met Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at a Botox informational seminar in his office. I had Botox for excessive underarm sweating. He is excellent. Office is great. Staff is very nice. His prices are very reasonable for the area.

Makala E, UCLA, CA, Apr 21st 2009

Add me as yet another who truly admires this man. Dr. H.Karamanoukian is a compassionate physician who takes the time to really acquaint himself with you. A kind and caring man who is highly knowledgeable in his speciality. He and his staff make you feel like you are their only patient.

Daniel M, Buffalo, NY, Apr 19th 2009

Add me as yet another who truly admires this man. Dr. H. Karamanoukian is a compassionate physician who takes the time to really acquaint himself with you. A kind and caring man who is highly knowledgeable in his speciality. He and his staff make you feel like you are their only patient.

Daniel M, Buffalo, NY, Apr 19th 2009

I had Botox for my hands. Good technique and method. Had it before somewhere else and it hurt a lot. Dr. Karamanoukian was very methodical took his time and got me through it with minimal discomfort.

Frank K, Niagara Falls, NY, Apr 17th 2009

After Botox by my dermatologist Dr. Raffy did my suction curetage prrocedure in the office and it has been a blessing. Dry underarms no hyperhidrosis and I feel very confident in my professional life. I give him high marks like on - has all the contact information about Dr. Raffy karamanoukian

Eric S, Santa Monica, CA, Apr 17th 2009

The doctor treated my excessive hand sweating. I didn't want surgery so I opted for Botox. I had Botox done elsewhere before in my dermatologist office and Dr. karamanoukian did a much better job much less pain and VERY patient during the procedure. I would do it again in a heartbeat at the Center for Excessive Sweating.

George W, Silver Creek, NY, Apr 17th 2009

My mom and I have been treated at the Center for Excessive Sweating. I had suction curettage for my underarms and she had sympathectomy for excessive sweating in the hands and underarms and feet. We are both very happy and recommend Dr. Karamanoukian highly.

Krista E, Lancaster, NY, Apr 16th 2009

Doctor. Gracias for all your recomendacions. I have talked to the doctor who you suggested in my country. Gracias for answering my emails.

Raymondo E, Mexico City Mexico, Apr 11th 2009

I took my daughter in for evaluation and treatment and we had excellent care - the consultation was very complete and the doctor every treatment modality and option for her in detail. I left the office feeling like I knew everything about excessive sweating. She is doing very well. A little pain which went away tow days after the procedure and she wa able to return to school. Dr. karamanoukian - best and kind regards for helping J--- with her excessive sweating.

katherine H, Olean, NY, Apr 10th 2009

I came to the Center for Excessive Sweating for the expertise and had a great expereince. Three years after my sympathectomy I remain very happy and pleased with the results. A little compensatory sweating which I expected - I was told I would get some and I did. The doctor is unbelievable very complete in his evaluation and very forthright. I was recently promoted at work and probably owe that to the doctor and his work. I was celebrating with my family after the promotion and my parents reminded me about how bad the excessive sweating was and I wanted to write this letter to thank the doctor for his help - I was desperate for help 4 years ago and he changed my life. I hope to get married soon and the surgery ETS also helped my social life and interaction with my fiancee. Overall it was a fabulous experience and the hospital that Dr. Karamanoukian works at also deserves mention for having super anesthesiologists who had done many many many of these patients. So I felt very comfortable. Thanks YOU VERY MUCH Dr. Karamanoukian - you are a life saver. CHEERS

Ginger H, Pittsburgh, PA, Apr 9th 2009

I want to thank Dr. Raffy for helping my daughter with her excessive sweating. He did Botox first which she liked but did not last more than 5 months. When he recommended suction curettage we were surprised as few doctors in LA do this. She had the procedure almost a year ago and she is very very happy and dry. She only sweats there when she exercises. She loves Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian. Tis the place to go for hyperhidrosis. The secretary Alex is great too.

Helen L, Botox City, CA, Apr 8th 2009

I had Botox for excessive sweating and doctor Karamanoukian was very helpful in getting it approved for me. The staff is very very nice.

Donald B, Batavia, NY, Apr 7th 2009

I was seen by Dr. Karamanoukian at the Center for Excessive Sweating and he got my Botox approved through my insurance. Very professional. Very complete evaluation. He followed my insurance protocol and got it approved. I had it once before in Rochester and I had to pay for it myself. This doctor is very honest and took the time to explain everything about excessive sweating and got the authorization based on this evaluation. Don't waste your time with anyone else who just wants to take your money and send you out the door. This is the place to go and he is very highly recommended by everyone I have talked to since.

Noah D, Rochester, NY, Apr 7th 2009

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