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The Center for Excessive Sweating and the Buffalo Sabres

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I had Botox at the Kare Plastic Surgery by Dr. Raffy. It was nealry pain free and I was shopping on Rodeo 45 minutes later. He is very gifted nice staff and friendly and the place is beautiful and has museum quality artwork. Well worth the 15 minute drive from Beverly Hills. Prices were reasonable and about a third less than I was quoted by my dermatologist. The underarms are dry and the procedure is well worth it. has lots of great comments about this doctor. VERY METICULOUS and great bedside manner.

Samuel J, Beverly Hills, CA, Apr 6th 2009

Dr. Raffy K at Kare Plastic Surgery administered Botox for underarm sweating and his prices were very reasonable and his office is very nice nurse is great he is very professional and explained all of my options. Thank you

Christy D, Santa Monica, CA, Apr 5th 2009

I haad Botox for underarm sweating at the Center for Excessive Sweating. It was quite painless and done very professionally. The doctor got it covered from my insurance company. I had it done elsewhere before by a cosmetic doctor and that doctor did not check with my insurance and I had to pay for it. Dr. Karamanoukian got it covered for me and I appreciate the work he did to get it covered. Thanks a million. Very honest very caring doctor and a very professional outfit.

Jay D, Orchard Park, NY, Mar 31st 2009

I had a complete workup for excessive sweating and had a very good outcome after Botox injection. Best thing was I had it done with anesthetic creme and hardly felt the needles. Its been 4 months and I am still sweat free in the underarms. Dr. Karamanoukian is very very good and gentle. My fears of needles were not real. I will do it again and again at the Center for Excessive Sweaing

Sally T, Jamestown, NY, Mar 30th 2009

Dr. karmanaoukian gave me my life back. I heard about him from a friend in Rochester who came to see him and had a successful procedure. I had the surgery and my hands are dry and I have little compensatory sweating in my back which I can live with. He told me that I could have the side effect more than once during the initial visit - once during my follow-up visit - and once again before the surgery in the hospital. I told him many times that I would rather have that sweating there instead of my hands dripping wet and I am doing great. I am in the Police academy down south and I couldn't have done it with those wet hands. It also helped my personal life and I am currently engaged to a beautiful southern girl. Thanks and Yippie Yah Yeah Doctor K (it rhymes ... maybe I should write a rap song .. and be a Hip Hopper)

Kelly G, Rochester, NY, Mar 29th 2009

I want to give a thunderous applause for this great doctor who saw my daughter and treated her without fanfare and with professionalism. She is doing great and is very happy with the results. She is 3 years out from the procedure and is currently finishing nursing school out of state. She recently called me and as we were reminiscing she reminded me that she would never have been able to study nursing - let alone practice nursing - had it not been for Dr. Karamanoukian. Thanks again and a million good wishes to you and your practice. God Bless.

Nancy O, Lackawanna, NY, Mar 28th 2009

Hey. I am not a yip yapper like the last guy who writes a testimonial like he's writing poetry or a Hip Hop song - but I want to thank doctor Karamanoukian for helping me get rid of the terrible sweating from my underarms. I am able to pursue my plans to become a teacher and not worry about raising my hands any longer.

Henry A, Buffalo, NY, Mar 28th 2009

I want to let others know that this doctor spends a lot of time and effort to explain what causes hyperhidrosis and all of the different treatment options that are available. I was referred by a friend who also was treated by him. I am very impressed by the staff and his knowledge of this condition. I spent nearly an hour with him and he answered the whole list of questions I had. He told me to listen to what he said and he gave me the whole schabang about hyperhidrosis made it very understandable went over the history of how it was treated in the old days how the treatment has changed over time how my particular location of hyperhidrosis is treated today all of the medical and surgical options and so on. He made a treatment plan after he saw me and made provisions as to how we will proceed ahead. I can't tell you how concise and complete this doctor is. I have had surgery by ortho doctors before and Dr. karamanoukian is unbelievable in his approach to this medical problem. I felt like I was an expert in this field when I left the office. I was empowered to read more and more about hyperhidrosis and I have done so. I have since met several people who have had the surgery by him and they all said the same great things about him. Go to the Center for Excessive Sweating if you have hyperhidrosis. Soupy campbell was right in the commercials and to think I made fun of him when he first made his commercials for Dr. K 3 years ago. This place is your first and last stop if you have hyperhidrosis. Don't cheat yourself and go to someone who only dabbles with hyperhidrosis and does the occasional Botox injection .....

Francis J, Hamburg, NY, Mar 26th 2009

Doctor Karamanoukian - thank for you for refer me to specialist in London for sweat. I greatful for your answering my questions by email. I will make trip from Riyadh to United Kingdom in June. I will give you update in July.

Hamid Z, Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Mar 26th 2009

I had IPL in a spa in Batavia for facial blushing which was a waste of my money. The ETS procedure was very effective for me. I dont blush like a tomato any more. Dr. Karamanoukian and Kenmore Mercy staff are great.

Bob K, Attica, NY, Mar 26th 2009

I want to thank you for taking time to answer my questions. I realize that I live 5000 miles away in South Africa and you have been wonderful in helping me through my problem. I tried the nonsurgical options which did not work for me. I am planning to fly to London on a business trip and will have the micro ETS there. I wish I could come to your area but it would be a very expensive trip for me. I want to thank you for everything you have done and your time - I know you are very busy and I can see that youre compassionate surgeon. We say thank you with dankie in Afrikaans language. Dankie Dankie Dankie dr. Karamanoukian

jacoline s, South Africa, Mar 22nd 2009

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian helped me tremendously with my underarm sweating. Two days before a major business presentation he injected Botox in my underarms. Six months later he did the suction curettage procedure in his office which took 1 hour 15 minutes total and I no longer sweat from the underarms. This doctor is fabulous and really changed my life to the better. Thank you. I heard about him on

Leonard F, Beverly Hills, CA, Mar 21st 2009

I came to see Dr. Karamanoukian as I was not happy with the evaluation and care in Toronto. I tried propranolol robinul Drysol certain dry clinical secret and many other things and nothing worked. I was evaluated at the Center for Excessive Sweating and after one Botox treatment had the office procedure suction curettage and I am DRY DRY DRY - the doctor did the procedure in 50 minutes and my life has changed so much that I am thinking of running for political office one day. I am very confident and my work associates are impressed that I no longer sweat from my underarms and that I don't have to change my shirt two times at work. Please see Dr. K if you have hyperhidrosis and you will understand what I mean. I cant say enough good things about him and his staff. Love What You Do EYYYYY

Alan J, Toronto Canada, Mar 20th 2009

I came from the Chicago area to see Dr. Karamanoukian for consultation. I was very pleased by what I heard and impressed by his expertise. I learned a lot about hyperhidrosis and having seen a doctor at the Mayo and another in Chicago I am ready to have the procedure done in Buffalo. He explained every facet of why excessive sweating occurs all the treatment options available and for what I am interested in - ETS sympathectomy - very honest answers about the procedure and its risks. Having heart some of it from the other doctors I remain very impressed and recommend this doctor highly to others.

George J, Chicago, IL, Mar 19th 2009

I have been treated at the Center for Excessive Sweating and have been very satisfied. I tried all the things my insurance company required from their protocol and Dr. karamanoukian and Debbie helped me through the whole process and I finally got my sympathectomy procedure. I am very pleased and would do it all over again. I recommend this physician to anyone with hyperhidrosis as he is truly an expert. He does a very comprehensive evaluation and goes through the whole explanation 3 or 4 times with every office visit. You can go to Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic but I think this is a better place. I work in the medical field and I can tell the difference between good doctors and exceptional doctors. Dr. karamanoukian is exceptional and very compassionate and very very professional. He truly understands what patients with hyperhidrosis are going through. Not only did he explain everything to me several times but the day of surgery he went through the whole thing again for my parents and I was truly impressed about how much he cares about his patients.

Stephanie H, Lewiston, NY, Mar 19th 2009

Thank you Dr. K at the Center for Excessive Sweating for helping my son with his problem. He is super dry and he no longer feels sickly when he makes contact with his friends. You are truly gifted in what you do. I have told his doctor about how wonderful you are how wondeful the hospital staff is and for her to continue sending you more pediatric patients with hyperhidrosis.

Sandra K, Hyperhidrosis City, NY, Mar 19th 2009

Dr. Nielson did my surgery 5 years ago and my hyperhidrosis in the underarms came back. I flew to Buffalo area and Dr. karamanoukian did the office suction curettage procedure and I am very happy now. I know this is a newer procedure but body seems to like it better. In and out of the office and I flew back home the same evening. Thanks Dr. Karamanoukian. I recommend you to everyone who has sweating problems.

G S, San Antonio, TX, Mar 19th 2009

I was googling for places to get treated for hyperhidrosis and didnt realize that we had an expert right here in this area who has been doing this for 10 years. I wanted Botox and he did a fabulus job. Had it done at 7 AM first thing in the morning when he came to the office. He put some numbing lotion on my underarms let me relax for 30 minutes and he injected the Botox. No pain. Walked out of the office and went to breakfast and to work. nobody knew that I had it done. Within 2 days my friend at work wanted to know why I stopped bringing 3 sets of shirts to work. I told her what happened. I recommend dr. Karamanoukian to anyone with excessive sweating and can't say enough wonderful things about his staff nurses medical assistant who held my hand to give me comfort. These guys are unbelievable and no effort is spared to make you feel good as a patient. Best of all it was covered by my insurance. needs to continue to support the Sabres. Go Buffalo Sabres. Stay dry Brian Campbell and thanks for alerting me to this great doctor.

Kris A, Amherst, NY, Mar 18th 2009

I saw this wonderful doctor at the Center for Excessive Sweating. He evaluated me with an exhaustive history and consultation that took approxiately an hour. He asked me a 100 questions and examined me and told me more about excessive sweating than I ever thought I wanted to know. I left the office very satisfied with what I learned with a prescription for a medication which has helped eliminate my sweating problem. I am going to take this medication until it stops working for me. Anyways I want to let people know that it was very worthwhile to see Dr. Karamanoukian and I appreciate his care his patience with my laudry list of questions and his VERY comprehensive explanation of what causes excessive sweating and what types of treatments are available to treat this condition. I want to say that my primary care doctor was clueless and this fabulous doctor in the Buffalo area was very very very informed and quite impressive. I recommend him highly to anyone who has excessive sweating to take the drive to his office for a very comprehensive evaluation. I didn't know that heart surgeons specialized in this area of medicine. It is because the sympathetic nerve is in the chest and its treatment is in the purvue of thoracicheart surgeons who have expertise in hyperhidrosis. Thanks

S N, Rochester, NY, Mar 17th 2009

I researched the doctors in California and chose Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian to do my suction curettage for underarms sweating. He did it in his Santa Monica office for 2500 dollars and I was in and out in 1 hour 15 minutes and back to work the next day. Thanks for referring me to him. My alternatives were at UCLA for more than 8000 dollars and a dermatologist not a surgeon who wanted 7000 dollars. I think I got a very good deal and the doctor is excellent and very professional and his oofice is beautiful and very very very very clean.

Peter D, Santa Monica, CA, Mar 11th 2009

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