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I went to the best vein doctor in Los Angeles. Within minutes of my house Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian was great and his office is like a museum - beautiful and very spa like. He is Board Certified and did an excellent job on me and two of my friends. VNUS Closure for me and microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy for my friends. I recommend him highly to anyone with vein problems.

Fernande K, Marina Del Rey, CA, Jan 22nd 2009

Thank you Dr. karamanoukian for the honest discussion you provided regarding my excessive sweating. I feel like an expert now and want to take care of this problem with your help. I had many questions about the ETS procedure and the compensatory sweating which you answered in detail for me. I need to do some more reading on the net as you suggested and I will come back to talk to you about scheduling the procedure. I am pretty certain I will have it done. Thank you again for spending more than an hour with me and answering my long list of questions which must have been annoying although you seemed very well versed in almost everything I threw at you.

Gordon T, Niagara Falls, NY, Jan 18th 2009

thanks for solving my sweating problem. After suffering from hyperhidrosis for years I am no forever relieved and no longer suffer from social embarassment. Thanks Dr. Karamanoukian.

H S, Niagara Falls, NY, Jan 14th 2009

I am very happy with the ETS procedure aka STITCH. I did get to see someone at the Cleveland Clinic for the same thing which I want to confess now. You struck me as much more experienced than the surgeon in Cleveland. I was impressed and so was my mom. Also the nurses at the hospital told us how many of these you have done so we got another source of high praise for your work. Finally the accolades from my primary doctor about your work was the icing on the cake. Anyways thanks for everything and I appreciate your honest comprehensive discussions with me at the time of consult and when I returned for my diagnostic studies and also again just before the surgery at the hospital. Very impressive and very meticulous care. You are TOP NOTCH.

Christina A, Collins, NY, Jan 14th 2009

Than you for referring me to Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian for the curettage procedure. It worked great and I was back to work the next day. My underarm sweating hyperhidrosis has gone away. It feels great. Dr. Raffy is great and his staff very nice. His office is like a museum with great painintgs.... Total Hollywood and 5 star.

nicolas g, Las Vegas Nevada, Jan 14th 2009

Dr. Raffy karamanoukian I found on and he is very highly recommended. I had Botox for sweating and now will have suction curettage for sweating of my underarms. I love the doctor and his staff too. Worth the drive to Santa Monica.

Fernando G, San Gabriel, CA, Jan 13th 2009

I saw dr Raffy Karamanoukian for Botox and later had the suction curettage procedure in the office and was able to drive home myself one hour later and was back to work the next day. This doctor is 5 star total Hollywood gifted gave me the red carpet treatment and has an unbelievable collection of beautiful artwork in his office - worth seeing. Just beautiful atmosphere to be seen. He treats you like a movie star and I certainly felt like one. Recommend him highkly without reservation. Let the Hollywood Reporter know about Dr. Raffy.

Skip J, Brentwood, CA, Jan 9th 2009

I want to give a 5 star shout out for Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at the Santa Monica Vein center - the vein doctor who took great care of my mom. She had VNUS Closure and her vein ulcer healed within 8 weeks. Dr. Raffy is wonderful compassionate and out of this world gorgeous...

Talya H, Porter Ranch, CA, Jan 5th 2009

Dr. Raffy - I heard about you from a doctor in Santa Barbara. I am glad I took the trip down to Santa Monica to see you. I was amazed when I entered your office and saw how beautiful and meticulous it was. I was more impressed when I met you and talked to you and when you were able to answer all of my questions and concerns. My legs feel great and I am able to run daily and work-out without any pain or heaviness. You are the VNUS Closure expert of Southern California. Another thing is that it was painless and you were so gentle. I hardly felt the procedure. thanks

Jennifer F, Santa Barbara, CA, Dec 9th 2008

I have had VNUS Closure by Dr. Raffy. He is the best vein doctor in Santa Monica. He was highly recommended by my primary care doctor. He did it right in his office. 35 minutes.

Roman L, Santa Monica, CA, Dec 8th 2008

Thank you for taking care of my excessive hand sweating. My life has changed to the best. That is what I wanted for Christmas.

Harold D, Leroy, NY, Dec 7th 2008

I had the ETS STITCH procedure 3 years ago for hyperhidrosis by Dr. Karamanoukian. I am very dry and very happy. I was very dry and happy when I campaigned to get a promotion a year ago. I would recommend the procedure to anyone in the business world.

Henry K, Rochester, NY, Dec 1st 2008

I had the office procedure for sweating and had a great outcome.

Dan F, Hamburg, NY, Oct 24th 2008

Dr. Karamanoukian - thank you for the wonderful experience at the Center for Excessive Sweating. The Botox worked great and did not hurt. You have magical touch.

Jocelyn F, Snyder, NY, Oct 24th 2008

I was referred by my doctor to see Dr. Karamanoukian. I did see a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic and realized after my consultation that Dr. Karamanoukian has done more of these procedures than the surgeon I saw in Cleveland. He sure explained everything in more detail and made me feel very comfortable with all of the treatment options. The sympathectomy procedure went great and I don't sweat anymore and feel very confident at work. I recommend it highly to anyone who is interested in having it done.

Aileen G, Hamburg, NY, Oct 24th 2008

I am 4 years out from ETS (STITCH procedure) by Dr. Karamanoukian and want to thank him again. Just got promoted again and what a wonderful feeling it is to shake my boss's hands without worrying about the sweating thing. I couldn't have done it without this wonderful surgeon.

Janice K, Tonawanda, NY, Oct 22nd 2008

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian at the Santa Monica Vein Center is the best vein specialist in Southern California. I had VNUS Closure in the office at noon and was on the treadmill two hours later and working the next day. My legs feel great.

Tamar V, Santa Monica, CA, Oct 11th 2008

Dr. Karamanoukian - I love and the honest information about hyperhidrosis and available treatment options. I made the decision to come and see you for hyperhidrosis of the head.

Fred A, New York, NY, Oct 10th 2008

I would sweat all the time no matter what I was doing or where I was. It was mostly under my arms and I felt very comfortable in most situations. It would affect my everyday life from what I wear to who I would talk to. My confidence was questionable because of the problem. As I started my career in the business world I told myself I needed to do something about my sweating. I researched the sympathectomy thoroughly consulted with Dr. Karamanoukian multiple times and he had honest informational answers for each one of my questions. I had the surgery about 16 months ago and I still think it was totally and completely worth every second of it. I do have some more sweating that I had before on my lower back or abdominal region but nothing excessive or uncomfortable. I still sweat when I work out which is a normal body function. I had the surgery on a Thursday and I sat through 5 hours of my brothers' graduation the next day but I was in pain. The pain was more of a pressure (like a stack of books sitting on your chest) for about 2-3 days but by Monday I was fully active and it was worth every minute of it. I would recommend this to anyone who has been thinking about their sweating problem for a while. It is an awesome feeling Goodluck

Angela A, East Aurora, NY, Oct 2nd 2008

I liked your site.

Pat W, Newton Centre, MA, Sep 30th 2008

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